Student Saviour

The Virtual Student campus.

A new approach for a new generation of students. Student Saviour is your complete partner to reach, verify, engage & convert Gen Z.

Discounts & Social Combined

Brands & Students Connected

Free Student Verification Portal

Integrate a student discount program in minutes, with no upfront costs or subscriptions!

Lifetime Brand Loyalty

Our instant verification tech increases revenue, decreases abandon carts, & drives brand loyalty at the point of sale.

Tailor Made Student Marketing

Full funnel growth campaigns built from the ground up to achieve all objectives.

Groups & Chat

A student digital campus where brands can easily & precisely target new audiences.

Targeting & Engagement Precision

Find students with relevant interests & shopping habits, at specific universities, Courses or Towns/Cities.

Further Opportunities

Sponsored placements, freshers campaigns, newsletters, articles, paid media & co-branded competitions.

Student Verification


Give true verified students access to student purchase incentives. Optimise student campaigns so you never have to worry about losing revenue to the wider market ever again.

Our verification technology is super simple, flexible and efficient. Your student marketing strategy can be up and running in minutes.

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