Student Verification

Free + Fast Student Verification Technology

Zero Cost Integration
Instant Student Validation
Increase Conversion Rates
Decrease Abandon Carts
Take Back Control of Your Keywords

Student Verification

Instant & Secure Student Discount.

Student Verification with Student Saviour

Instantly connecting students to exclusive discounts from all their favourite brands.

Student Saviour ID

Our market leading platform is trusted for instant verification of enrolment status of students nationwide.

Simple, Fast & Secure Verification Tech

A seamless student verification system that works with any ecommerce set up.

Maximise Your Campaign Performance

Increase Revenue, Decrease Abandon Carts & Max Your ROI

Increase Conversion Rates

To find and redeem a student discount code, shoppers never have to leave your site, reducing any opportunity for abandoned carts.

Build Lifetime Brand Loyalty

Instantly separate yourself from competitors and directly engage students through verification, increase the long term connection and appeal of your brand.

Maximise Your ROI

Guarantee every discounted purchase is made by a true, verified student.

Plug+Play Solution

Install your Student Discount Program in minutes with just one line of code.

Our verification technology is designed to be simple, flexible and efficient.

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